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How to fix a “Media Jam” on the Konica Minolta magicolor 2430DL laser printer


Added Sep-2-2008

Vista backup to Drobo Fails

drobo - Vista backup can not be found

Vista says: The backup did not complete successfully.  The latest backup set can not be found.

Here’s a way to make Vista start over.

Edited Jan-23-2009

Open Office: How to add more colors to the pallete


Added Aug-01-2008

If you accidentally reset your game…

speaker (18K)

how can you restore it to an older saved state?

Added Jul-02-2008

This article might help you find your saved games in Vista’s Virtualstore. Read

How to get a $50 rebate on a Drobo

drobo hard drive system rebate

Edited Jul-30-2008

When I ordered a Drobo unit from, I was encouraged by a $50 cash rebate. But is the rebate a real deal?
Drobo rebate.

Some router configuration tips: D-Link DI-LB604 Dual-WAN Load Balancing router

Updated Jun-18-2008

Dual-WAN router

Want to know how to set up your router for surfing secure websites and sending SMTP email? Tips

How to save audio in audacity for use in Hammer (the Half Life 2 map editor)

Added Feb-26-2008

Speaker in Hammer for Half Life 2

This tutorial is for map designers, using Hammer. I show the simple, but necessary step to convert audio to work in speakers, using Audacity, a free audio editing tool. Tutorial.

How to reinstall Juice Podcast Receiver

Added Feb-21-2008

Juice logo

Getting an error with your Juice Podcast Receiver like the one below?

Juice Error

It might be time for a reinstall. Here’s how I did it without losing my settings. Tutorial

Nvu Tutorials

Online videos showing how to do a few things in Nvu, like how to resize tables.

Has your doctor been good to you?

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What’s the best-tasting tomato? Some people say it’s the Cherokee Purple.